Assaf Clements is an award-winning creative director based in NYC.

Currently Assaf is the Motion Design Director at Vice Media Group where he leads an international team of artists working in London and New York, and is responsible for all motion graphics productions.

Assaf is passionate about animation in all of its forms, mixing old school with the most advanced contemporary techniques. As a team leader he is deeply dedicated to collaboration and bringing the best in artists. As such, he helps studios, production companies, agencies, and all sorts of clients to solve creative and visual problems, bringing ideas to life and moving messages forward.

In his career in the TV, Film, Branding and Advertising industries, he has had the chance to collaborate with great clients such as Vice, Meta, The Olympics, Tik Tok, Champion, Capital One, Durex, Stella Artois, Geico, among many others.


The VICE GLOBAL LOGO ID project is an award winning collection of animated identities made for the VICE TV channel.  Bringing together emerging voices from around the world.

The goal of the project is to create an ongoing collaborative channel that elevates the visionary spirit of the brand, while celebrating its global creative community.

Through this project we aimed to challenge ourserlves in finding new creative and technical approaches towards the making of timeless animated pieces.  

Creative Directors:
Assaf Clements, Francisco Lopez, Eric Bubas.
Artists: Baku Hashimoto, Dina Ameen, Erma Fiend, Scorpion Dagger,Cuca Berenguer, Cole Montminy, Matthias Brown, Nik Macmillan, Huw Messie, Yonk,  Amanda Bonaiuto,  Cole Kush, Rop Van Mierlo, Winston Hacking, Kelli Anderson, Jeron Braxton, Ariane Spanier, Thami Nabil, Marcos Sánchez, Grant Bouvier, Sophie Koko Gate, Assaf Clements, Michael Pisano, Xavier Lalanne Tauzia, Julia Fernandez,  Loe Lee, Hunter French, Curtis Brown, Rayting Liang.
The Motion Awards Motionographer
ADC Awards
The One Show
Good Moves
Society of Illustrators
AOI Association of Illustrators


Investigation Night is a documentary block on Vice TV that shines a light on never-before-seen sides of true crime stories and the people behind them.

Developing a visual language inspired by the process of sifting through evidence, an analog type treatment and library of gestural marks feel at home amongst investigative ephemera.

A versatile image treatment accomodates content from a wide variety of sources, and creates a consistent look across a suite of assets.
ADC Awards
The One Show


To support the return of Dark Side of the 90s to VICE TV we decided to brand the month of June as '90s MONTH. That meant replacing all the channel graphics package and creating many new assets like Interstitial, bumpers, snipes, bugs, logo IDs and much more. We wanted to make it feel authentic in any way and to create it as it was created in the '90s. That meant doing stuff practical and avoiding CG.

We went on ebay and thrift shops to look for working devices from the '90s. For the main branding we created stop motion paper collages taking inspiration grunge, MTV, early desktop screensavers and more

Clio Awards